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 The Assessor’s Office values all locally assessed properties in the county for ad valorem tax purposes. Locally assessed properties include:

  • Commercial Property
  • Owner Occupied
  • Rental Property
  • Residential
  • Vacant Land
  • Agricultural

OTHER duties include

  • Administers widows, widower and disability Exemptions
  • Establishes the value of Manufactured Housing and Business Personal Property
  • Maintains ownership and mailing address information
  • Manages Senior Valuation Freeze
  • Maps of all county property

how property taxes are calculated

Every year the Assessors office sends a notice of value to all owners of property in the county. 

For residential properties, the taxable value is listed as the Limited Property Value, which is the lower number on your notice. 

Based on the total valuation, every property is then taxed by the appropriate tax authorities, such as:

  • Pinal County 
  • School districts such as Florence, Casa Grande, Apache Junction, Oracle 
  • CAC-the community college district in Pinal County
  • Water districts such as San Carlos and Maricopa 
  • Fire districts such as the Golder Ranch and Apache Junction 

All theses districts have authority to apply value added taxes to your property. 

It is important to know that the Assessor's office does not visit each property in the county on an annual basis. We use a statutory defined process of mass appraisal, which is designed to make properties in an area to be valued similarly. 

appeals process

Upon receiving your notice of value, you have the right to appeal the Full Cash Value. There are several methods to appeal:

1. File a notice with the Assessor's office by mail. Your value will be reviewed by a staff appraiser.

2. File a notice to the County Board of Supervisors. Your appeal will be assigned to a hearing officer and a date will be set where you can appear and present evidence to support your valuation opinion. 

3. File a lawsuit in court. 

There are specific deadlines for each appeal type. Please check the Assessor's website or call 311 anywhere in Pinal County for specifics. 

ASSESSOR public service locations

You can visit our office in Florence any day of the week from 8AM to 5PM 

We also have staff at the Casa Grande county offices on Monday and Wednesday and in the Apache Junction county offices on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Or, call 311 from anywhere in Pinal County.