Assessor's office is not for sale

Due to the sensitive nature of the Assessor's role in valuing property, I am refusing to accept any monetary or in-kind contributions for this election.

The Assessor's office cannot be occupied by an individual who will bend the law based on who or what group donated to the campaign. It is unethical and wrong! 

91% of my opponent's money is not from Pinal County

My opponent has accepted donations from Phoenix based developers to make him their puppet if he were to be elected. They have fought with me on paying their fair share of taxes for these past 8 years. 

He has also taken money from a taxpayer who owes the county over $142,000 in past due business property tax! The taxpayer is taking money desperately needed by the Maricopa school district and she is a school board member. 

To check who donated to my opponent, click here to be taken to the Pinal County elections website and look for Campaign Finance Reports.